It is commonly known that we have some pretty stupid ideas and beliefs when it comes to sex in the bedroom. But what are they? And more importantly, do they work?

Most of these silly sex ideas or sexual fantasies come from our childhood. This was when we used to watch comedy movies with our parents at home theatre system. Or if we were really daring, we would sneak downstairs and listen to erotic audio tapes while masturbating in our rooms.

Some of these stupid sex things actually work. For example, in a relationship where sex is not forbidden or discouraged, you can make foreplay into a game where the winner gets to keep the woman. In this kind of situation, silly sex doesn’t just mean “sex”; it also involves “humiliation”.

Let’s say you’re fucking your girlfriend and she tells you to give her a massage. Also, she wants you to undress her for her before that. Both of those things would probably seem like they should be happy about since you’re giving her pleasure right? Wrong.

Whenever women feel as though they’re being made sexy or sexualized in any way shape or form by someone else other than themselves – especially men – then women will nearly always refuse any attempts made by said person trying touch them because it reminds them of how they are being made to feel (which is sexualised).

Just think about it for a second.. How many times have you gone out partying & seen two people having full on intercourse sat back against each other’s legs on a sofa seat? That’s because both people are so turned on that neither one can even see anything beside their own body anymore let alone the person sitting next them – so rather than one person feeling comfortable around another; instead both people feel very uncomfortable around each other due conscious mind telling them that said body part does not belong there.

And when this occurs frequently enough over time … well lets just say things aren’t gonna be too good when it comes down to fucking anymore are they? Women have got to get comfortable enough within themselves so as allow themselves be sexual whilst at same time women also need feel comfortable enough let their partners know just how badly they want it.

In order keep things interesting and slightly more fun throughout sex, females should attempt think outside box concerning intercourse. Silly sex helps women start thinking more logically about what they desire from sex. Once females use silly intercourse move beyond that physical barrier then will begin seeing little things differently & able start seeing relationship for what really is.

If a woman starts thinking about her relationship in a logical way, she will come to realize that there is more than just physical attraction. Physical attraction may be great but once that dies down the relationship becomes very boring indeed. So why not liven things up with some silly sex? Why not keep it exciting? Sex is great but women need some variety sometimes – when you give them a reason to feel sexual, then they’re confident and willing go out explore new sexual territories.

How come is foolish sex good for relationships? It lets a lady become more creative. Because she’s on the table, it lets a lady be more on top of her game. It keeps things interesting and it keeps women wanting more. Girls want to see new places, meet new people, and they want to be on top of their sexual experiences.

Therefore next time when you are in a relationship where sex has always been little bit mundane , try playing some silly sex. Women love that element of surprise. You never know what might happen! And if you’re slightly creative or imaginative – who knows ? You could possibly add that “extra something” into your relationship; especially as far as your bedroom activities are concerned . So don’t deny yourself any longer -silly sex can make the world of women so much better .

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