How long has prostitution been legal in Nevada? Asian escorts suggested, the state’s prostitution law was in place from the start of Nevada’s growth as an agricultural state. It did not take long for organized prostitution to spring up along the state’s ranches and mountains. At the same time, however, it took some time for prostitution to decline along the dusty lanes and alleys of the big city. What happened over the years is anyone’s guess: Perhaps a combination of new legislation and changes in the business sector, more brothels advertising their services on the internet, and changes in the real estate market contributed to this long-term decline.

But by far the most significant change was the 2021 passage of a new prostitution bill in Laredo. The law made operating a brothel, even for a legitimate business, a crime punishable with a year to a year, and a half in jail. Now, to be clear, neither of these penalties are supposed to be an expiry date. But the new law puts all brothels in one area, the large strip malls and hotels, under the same legal umbrella: If one of those establishments were to become unlicensed, it could be shut down by the state and all of its employees would go to jail, which is exactly what’s meant by the “one stop shop” concept that’s been pushed for years in Nevada.

So how long has prostitution been legal in Nevada? It is hard to say. A quick look at the county’s own website indicates that the current law only covers “matrimonial misconduct involving a transaction in money.” So prostitution is not covered. There are no details on what types of activities are outside of that. However, the county does ban prostitution entirely, so that could be an indication of what might be illegal.

The state has also tried to criminalize advertising in addition to running a legal prostitution trade. There was a law in June 2021 that made it illegal for any type of advertising to be done on any type of display area for prostitution, even billboards. In Lyon, that includes all outdoor advertising for all types of prostitution, except for the city’s own. Even still, there are some areas in Lyon that have very lax regulations on prostitution, and it is not uncommon to see a brothel or a massage parlor open for business nearly twenty-four hours a day. The law against prostitution is broad, and in Lyon, it extends to anyone displaying prostitution, regardless of whether they advertise or not.

One area that is relatively liberal when it comes to legal prostitution is Lyon. Lyon is actually one of the oldest brothels in Nevada, and many of the women that run their brothel are former street prostitutes that got their start working in the city as girls for Johns. While it is illegal for them to do so, many of them do not seem to mind. It is hard to find any brothels in Lyon that are more than fifty years old, and many of the older brothels are still in operation.

Whether prostitution has been legal in Nevada since it first became a state over forty-five years ago is a tough question to answer. Certainly, there have always been brothels in Nevada, but the question becomes whether the number of them has been growing since the passing of the prostitution act or if the growth is just temporary. It would seem that the recent increases were sparked by the “Cinderella” story, but then again, the local economy might be taking a hit due to a lack of tourists and a poor economy. Regardless, the future of prostitution in Nevada is very much up in the air.

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